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SL Benfica - Confirmed


They are Back!! 

SL Benfica is now confirmed in our IberCup Elite Tournament in 2017.

The Portuguese team will be one of the TOP clubs represent in IberCup Scandinavia 2017 together with historical clubs as Liverpool FC or Sporting CP.

Other teams can now apply for IberCup Cascais 


After we receive your registration online, we will evaluate your registration and the level of your team, and decide if your team can or can not participate.

IberCup Prize


​In 2017, the Scandinavian teams can achieve the next IberCup Scandinavia Prizes:

The best Scandinavian team in Cat B gets an slot in  IberCup USA 2018  (USA).
The best Scandinavian team in Cat C gets an slot in  IberCup USA 2018  (USA).
The best Scandinavian team in Cat D gets an slot in IberCup CASCAIS 2018  (Portugal).

Please see the number 26 on the Regulation for more information.

Registrations for IberCup 2017 are open! 

Gather your team and come to Esbjerg to fight for the Title in this Elite Tournament.



Champions 2016


IberCup Scandinavia 2016 has come to an end and hundreds of champions are on their way back home!

Find out here which teams took the IberCup to their trophee room!


IberCup Scandinavia will gather during 1 week teams from the 5 Continents representing the best Academies in the World.

The road to become a star starts HERE!