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IberCup is one of the largest and most International Youth Football Tournaments / Soccer Tournaments around the World. Play against the best Football Academy Clubs / Soccer Academy Clubs in different locations (Europe, Asia and USA).

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Is there a limited number of teams in the tournament?! Why?

  • The limit for team’s applications is 32 teams in each age category. If the maximum enrollment of teams is reached before the deadline for registrations, registrations will close before the scheduled date. The first teams that make the registration will have a greater probability to participate. Team`s participation only be assured after all payments confirmed. Note that in previouse editions the tournament has not been able to accept all teams that wished to enter.
  • The initial idea was to get the maximum number of hotels close to the football fields which would be a natural meeting place for the participants.
  • However we have most of this hotels full booked before November but still we can accommodate around 6000 persons for our tournament but dont take to long to make your decision, accommodation options close early. 
  • To keep the standard of internationalization we need to make sure that no single country dominates.

When is the last date to make the registration and payment for the tournament?

  • The last date to register is April 15th. Teams will be officially registered once they have realized the first payment. We recommend making this payment as soon as possible as it is the only way to certify you registration.
  • The first teams that have registered and paid the first payment will be prioritized when reaching the maximum number of teams accepted in each category. Have in mind that most of the categories are fully booked long before the last day to register. 
  • After the first payment two more payments will be requested: 
  • April 30th - 50% payment from team`s total price package, from all participant categories. Both leaders and players pay this fee.
  • June 1st - Final payment from team`s total price package, from all participant categories. Both leaders and players pay this fee.
  • For teams that wish to book their flights with us the final payment is 40 days before departure day. Names can be changed without any additional cost until 5 days before the departure day.

How do we order extra Meal Cards and tickets for the opening ceremony for the parents and family?

  • The team leader can reserve extra Meal Cards for parents and other supporters that not book hotel through the IberCup. 
  • All participants have free access to the IberCup Opening Ceremony if they show their credential. Free access is included only for players, staff and all the persons with the IberCup package, players and staff dont pay this ticket.
  • Other tickets can be pre-booked through a contact with our office until the day before the opening ceremony.
  • Tickets can also be purchased at the IberCup office on the arrival or at the opening ceremony after 11:00h, where the opening ceremony will take place, but availability for the opening ceremony can’t then be guaranteed (subject to availability).
  • Ticket cost is for 5€ (40 DKK)  per person.

What type turf have the football fields?

  • All the playing fields are grass or artificial turf.
  • The fields have been divided into the following types:
  • Natural turf - ESBJERG IDRÆTSPARK (5 fields 11v11 - 4 Fields 8v8) - VELDTOFTE IDRÆTSPARK (8 fields 11v11 - 4 Fields 8v8)
  • Artificial turf - ESBJERG IDRÆTSPARK (1 field 11v11)
  • In case of bad weather conditions matches may be decided by penalty kicks or drawing of lots.

Do we have changing rooms on site or we need to leave the accommodations already with our equipment dressed?

  • Teams must leave the accommodation already equipped for the match.
  • In each football complex there are lockers rooms for the teams. The team must not leave nothing in the locker room.
  • This rule also applies to the local teams.

Can we take the shower after the matches in the football fields facilities?

  • The organization recommends to take the shower in the changing rooms after the game. The schools may not have shower rooms available.
  • In each football complex there are lockers rooms for the teams. The team must not leave nothing in the locker room, which has to be use ONLY for changing clothes before or take a shower after the game.

How many matches will we play?

  • You will play 3 or 4 games in the first round, depending on if your group has 4 or 5 teams.
  • From each group the 2 first placed teams advance to Playoff A and 3-5 placed teams advance to Playoff B.
  • All playoff matches will be decided by the cup system, i.e. by direct elimination.

What kind of identification do you approve in IberCup?

  • For the Danish teams we will accept the player’s team card from their local football association or the ID Card.
  • For the foreign teams the organization will only accept as player’s identification a valid identification card (legal card by a government institution and plastic-coated). This card must have the full name, photo, identification number and birthday. This document must always be used with the player´s passport. Players that come from countries that don’t require a passport to enter into Denmark, will only need the identification card (legal card by a government institution and plastic-coated, with full name, photo, identification number, birthday).
  • During the check-in, the organization of IberCup will ask to the teams for the insurance documentation, which must cover till the end of the tournament. In case this document would not be provided, the team cannot participate in our tournament.

What is the balls size number for each age category?

  • All matches of 11-a-side are played using size 5. In 8-a-side all games size 4 ball will be used. The organisation won't leave balls for trainings before the matches, so each team must bring their own balls.

When are the finals played?

  • You find the final schedule under Matchs in the menu.

What rules applies to foreign teams?

  • Foreign teams have to follow the rules that apply for each country. Since most countries belong to FIFA, the rules are very alike around the world. The basic rule that applies everywhere is that each player has to be licensed to play with the team you play for in the IberCup.
  • The club has to be a member of their FIFA affiliated national association.
  • In countries where football is operated by the schools we also allow teams affiliated by their school football association to take part in our tournament but they need to send to us an authorization letter from the club.

Wich organization stands behind IberCup?

  • Easy Choice Lda Sports Travel Agency together with Danish Football Club, Esbjerg FB, organizes The IberCup.